The Will of the People?

Poll reveals a sharp regional divide among Californians:

The new Field Poll highlights the battleground for the fall campaign, showing the state splitting dramatically along regional, ideological and religious grounds.

The heavily Democratic urban areas strongly support same-sex marriage; 55 percent of Los Angeles County and an overwhelming 68 percent of the Bay Area are in favor.

By contrast, only 38 percent of the Central Valley and 41 percent of Southern California outside of Los Angeles are in favor.

Same-sex marriage also digs a chasm between California’s heavily populated coast and its inland areas; 55 percent of coastal voters back same-sex marriage compared with 40 percent in support inland.”


3 thoughts on “The Will of the People?

  1. Looks like a classic case of a Court “leading” public opinion by declaring one side of a debate to be inherently more just than the other. Voters are usually smarter than lemmings, but in this case enough of them seem to be following the Court off the cliff to flip the majority. Given some time, don’t be surprised if the numbers continue tracking this direction.


  2. If the amendment makes it to the ballot, can apathetic conservatives disgusted by what has been going on in national politics be motivated to go to the polling booths?


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