Mental Health Workers Rebuke Texas CPS

The FLDS tragedy continues apace. Last week it was announced that Texas authorities, claiming to be “the legal parents of the children”, will be administering vaccines to all of the children without the consent of their real parents. Just the beginning of the children’s new foster-care drug regimen, I suspect. And today we have news of a group of mental health workers roundly condemning CPS for needlessly traumatizing 464 “healthy, well-behaved, and emotionally normal” children:

“Mental health workers sent to emergency shelters in San Angelo last month to help care for the hundreds of women and children removed from a polygamist sect’s West Texas ranch have sharply criticized the Child Protective Services operation, telling their governing board it unnecessarily traumatized the kids.

The CPS investigation of suspected child abuse and its decision to seek state custody of all 464 children punished mothers who appeared to be good parents of healthy, well-behaved and emotionally normal kids, workers said in a set of short and unsigned written reports made at the request of the board after a briefing Tuesday.

All nine reports by employees of the Hill Country Community Mental Health-Mental Retardation Center expressed varying degrees of anger toward the state’s child welfare agency for removing the children from their community, separating them from their mothers or for the way CPS workers conducted themselves at the shelter.

A few described ongoing tension between the two groups of social workers, including threats by CPS to have interfering MHMR workers arrested.

‘I have worked in Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse programming for over 20 years and have never seen women and children treated this poorly, not to mention their civil rights being disregarded in this manner,’ one wrote.”

Read more.

HT: The Common Room.

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