Stockton, Missouri

Danby of Refuge for Catholics is looking for a place to farm – a place where Catholic orthodoxy and affordable land can be found. I suggest Stockton, Missouri, the only place in southern Missouri with a weekly TLM. And just look at these land prices! It’s also close enough to Springfield to be a viable resettlement destination for non-farmers.


4 thoughts on “Stockton, Missouri

  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve been actively looking at Missouri for the reason that not only is land cheap, but the climate is fairly nice and folks are mostly conservative/traditional.

    It would help to be in the St. Louis diocese, not that I have anything against Bishop Johnston (I don’t know how I could, he’s been a bishop for what, 2 months??), but being a subject of Burke would be very nice.

    Right now though, I’m too busy trying to get a garden in. I spent 6 hours today on a tractor tilling 1/2 acre. And learning to drive. Drive a horse that is. That will be the subject of my next post, if I ever get it written.


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