Friday evening

Do any of you remember TheresaMF of the blog Destination: Order? A homeschooled graduate of Christendom College, she found her vocation at the Dominican Monastery of Saint Jude in Marbury, Alabama. She is now Sister Mary Jordan of the Holy Family. And guess what? Through a secret source I have discovered that this order has a blog titled “From Marbury’s Hilltop”. Hmm – very suspicious, the timing of this new blog! Sister Mary Jordan’s vestation was in August of 2007, and the first entry of this blog is in September of the same year. (I think she’s the one on the left at the top of the page.) It’s just a guess, but perhaps her superiors have discovered her talent and enthusiasm for communicating the beauty of the Faith. Do give this site a visit – and if you are looking for a worthy place to spend your tax refund, consider these fine Dominican sisters!


Speaking of Christendom’s lady-bloggers leaving us for religious vocations, Lorraine of HaJollyHa has announced her departure for the monastic life. She’s quite the scholarly type, and I will miss her intelligent discourse. I’m not going to announce the order she is joining since (to my knowledge) she hasn’t done so publicly herself, but it is one of many new traditional orders that seem to be spreading like wildfire. I dearly wish we had such a place here in northern California. God bless you, Lorraine, and may you ascend the heights!


The Common Room is a thoughtful, informative, and notably well-written Protestant blog that is fast becoming an habitual stop for me – especially for updates on the FLDS situation. Today’s update is amazing in its scope: as you can tell, the Headmistress really does her homework.

A recent entry on the FLDS “cultural guide”, provided by CPS to associated foster homes, reveals the anti-traditional bias of the agency and its workers: “The priesthood, held only by men, is the highest authority in the church…” (shocking!); “Women and children are taught to respect and be obedient to their spiritual and secular leaders” (the men get a free pass I suppose?); “Children do not know the correct names for body parts and are not familiar with the terms ‘intercourse,’ ‘sexual intercourse,’ or ‘sexual relations”’ (why would children need to know these terms?).


Wow. 3,023 new laws in England in the last 10 years. I thought California was bad.


Early marriage and related subjects continue to be discussed by Steve Skojec, Dale Price, and the Young Fogey. Lots to think about.


2 thoughts on “Friday evening

  1. I remember Destination: Order! I found it just around the time Theresa joined the order, read back through the archives, and was regretful that there was no more to read.

    I found your blog through The Common Room.


  2. I, too, regret that TheresaMF didn’t leave us more to chew on – but what she did leave was a treasure. Alas, there were more important things waiting for her. Thanks for commenting, Willa!


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