What a tangled web we weave …

CPS just can’t seem to keep its story straight.

“From the beginning, the agency seems to take these girls’ word when it benefits their case, and label them liars when it suits them … This case just gets stranger and stranger. There’s still no complaining victim. The allegations spawning the raid were a hoax. The agency can’t figure out how many kids its seized from day to day. And none of the crime victims agree with the state’s allegations, which differ wildly in the media from what DFPS said in court. Just bizarre.”

(GritsforBreakfast is a good source for updates on the case. )

I’ve always had a soft spot for Texas. Of all the southern states, it has the most in common with California – the Spanish and Mexican influence, the Catholic place names, the wild west heritage, the cattle and cotton empires, the independent streak, the sheer “bigness” of the place. I’ve liked every Texan I’ve ever met, and there are many Texas transplants in California’s rural hinterlands.

I used to think of Texas as a kind of uncorrupted California, what California might have become if the radicals hadn’t taken over. So this whole fiasco surprises me. If you live in Texas, perhaps you could fill me in. Is the “Eldorado roundup” just another side of the Texas personality, the dark side of Texas frontier “justice”? Or is this completely out of character for your state?

2 thoughts on “What a tangled web we weave …

  1. Native Texan checking in…

    For me, Texas is largely two different culture/worldviews. There’s the Southern heritage, and the Western heritage. Most of the state’s original Anglo population emigrated from various Southern states, and the part of Texas east of a line from Austin to Dallas has long held more in common with the “Old South” than the rest of Texas. My office mate, who is of Mexican heritage from South Texas, and I, of this Southern Anglo heritage, but from West Texas, share a worldview more in common and identify with Texas as a Western state, more so than a Southern state.

    The reason I bring this whole West/South thing is that I think it shows what you are getting at with not exactly knowing where to place the events in Eldorado with the FLDS. I’m not sure which belongs to which, but what is happening out there, in the semi-arid plains of West Texas, to me stems from a more “Southern” distrust of the outsider, more than a Western worldview of “live and let live”.

    Maybe this makes sense…haha.


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