More on the FLDS story

Coliseum population down to 260 as mothers divided from children

The Hoax, The Search Warrants, and the Affadavits

Not to say I told you so, but …

Where’s the evidence?


One thought on “More on the FLDS story

  1. Those poor mothers. I’ll agree that authorities have gone about this in a suspicious way and that it does not make sense for the state to condemn polygamy and permit divorce. However…I still find it deeply disturbing that this community existed in the first place. Sure, arranged marriages with young girls may be legitimate in some cases, but this is obviously a twisted kind of patriarchy. Whatever “spiritual” rituals you throw in, it smacks of something unwholesome when a young girl is one in a long list of wives “assigned” to a man and who can be summarily attached to another man if her “husband” is expelled from the community. Perhaps they were well-intentioned folks trying to live simply, avoid secular culture and observe their religion, but I am not convinced. It seems like a darn convenient way for perverted men to use women for long periods of time without getting caught.

    My brother-in-law served as a Marine officer in Iraq and he made a similar observation about Muslim culture. At first glance, some of their customs seem to reflect traditional Christan ones. However, he soon realized the great disparity between the cultural purposes of the customs. For example, Muslims zealously guard the purity of their women. However, my brother-in-law found this has nothing to do with the welfare of the women and everything to do with the vanity of the men. In a similar way, the FLD folks culture of dressing modestly and striving for self-sufficiently may just be enabling a brainwashing project.


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