What the FLDS children can look forward to

The Texas foster care system:

“The children suffer behind an iron curtain of corrupt secrecy. That curtain was lifted a few years ago, long enough to get a brief but terrifying glimpse of what was being done by people who had placed themselves beyond accountability.

Scores of children were killed, poisoned, beaten, and otherwise abused each year. Child rape was terrifyingly common: The largest group of victims were between 12 and 15 years of age, but thirteen percent of the victims were three years old or younger.

An official investigation of this secretive system was undertaken, but soon foundered over obstructions thrown up by those who had the most to lose if the full truth were revealed. But before the portcullis was slammed shut, the investigator learned that a child being raised in that system was four times more likely to die of criminal violence than a child in the general population.

The obvious course of action would be to mount an armed raid to liberate those children, by whatever necessary means, from the abusive system in which they’re being held.

Unfortunately, the entity that would carry out such an operation also presides over the systematic abuse. The findings described above are from an abortive investigation of the Texas Foster Care System conducted by Carole Keeton Strayhorn on behalf of the state Comptroller’s office.”

Courtesy of the Young Fogey at A Conservative Blog for Peace.


2 thoughts on “What the FLDS children can look forward to

  1. My heart is even more saddened. This is true for EVERY state foster care system and the report revealing the corruption involved is also typical for every state. We have been there, done that. The accusations against us were untrue, and the lies multiplied as the days went on. We see the same trail in this FLDS case. While some folks might have problems there, that should not, does not give the state the right to take away the children of ALL the folks.

    There but for the Grace of God go ALL OF US !!!!!


  2. I am afraid that these children were removed because of “a general fear by society’s idea of what ‘normal’ is”… in other words, these children were living in an environment that was ‘different’ than the ‘norm’ and people are afraid of what they do not understand. While the rate of pregnant girls and/or girls who have given birth was alarmingly high we do not know (yet) for certain that each of the 400+ children were, in fact, abused, and were, in fact, in danger, and needed to be removed. The trauma these children WILL DEFINITELY ENDURE by their removal, and the pieces of their childhood, and memories that have forever been altered and changed by removal from their homes, is not necessarily the right decision for every one of them.

    For that reason, I think the actions may have been overzealous…

    The end result is yet to be known….

    But in foster care, the children are, forever, changed…
    Read It’s Almost Tuesday, a fictional story depicting the true events within the Texas foster care system…



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