A special guest

Pope Benedict XVI dropped in last week to give Jonathan a few tips on the piano.


10 thoughts on “A special guest

  1. Annabenedetti: No, I don’t have any commentary in the works. Other than the following scattered thoughts. I’m glad he came. I watched the visit online and was deeply moved on several occasions. (At the DC Mass I was deeply moved to violence, but managed to keep my composure.) We are incredibly blessed to have such a man as a Pope. What a beautiful example of Christian holiness and humility for all of us. But I worry about the influence of the American church in Rome and hope he is not swayed by it. I also hope I never witness another stadium Mass for tens of thousands: these should be banned forever. The one in DC proved, to my own mind, that the only liturgical hope for the West is the Extraordinary Form. What were your reactions?


  2. TSO: Or something like Photoshop. The kids were playing around and produced several doctored photos like this one. As I recall, the Pope was lifted from a photo taken during a visit with his brother.


  3. My reaction…

    I have never felt so strongly the invisible, but highly tangible bonds of the mystical body of Christ. I saw clearly why it is so important for the Church to be united under one vicar of Christ, one visible shepherd for the flock. It is not lightly he wears the pallium made of lamb’s wool; so evocative of the shepherd carrying the lost lamb home upon his shoulders.

    I think Pope Benedict came to America hoping to carry home lost sheep – hoping, and not expecting, the outpouring of love that he received. Souls are thirsting nigh unto death for the Living God, and Benedict carried Christ to them; in his heart and in his hands, in humility and in love; fully aware of the poverty of his human limitations but in full knowledge that with God, nothing is impossible.

    I read of his grief, fully exposed, shared with the anguish of the abuse victims he met with, and the comfort he brought to them. I heard his call to the young to turn away from the world and turn to Christ, their only hope. I know of more than one person who is returning to the Church after the Pope’s words fell on fields prepared by grace. Recall the Pope’s words: “I have a mustard seed and I am not afraid to use it.”

    Sure, there were times to cringe. But those times were provided courtesy of the American church and its stiff-necked bishops and liturgists, not from Benedict. There are those who will never find good with this Pope; some because he is too orthodox and some because he is not orthodox enough. I am not in either camp. Today, I am simply glad to call myself Catholic. Laus Deo!


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