Springtime in the valley

Our fruit orchard in bloom.

Anne Josephine at 4-1/2 months.

The debut performance of “The Country Road Fiddlers” at the Best of the West Expo at the Glenn County Fairgrounds on Saturday. What a show! The new band consists of three Culbreaths and three members of another homesteading family, including the father. We had a tough time coming up with a name. Because this is dairy country, LeXuan suggested “The Orland Dairy Air”, but that sounded too much like “The Orland Derriere” …

Miss Glenn County and the 1st Runner Up. Very sweet girls who seem worthy of their crowns. Besides, they said nice things about “The Country Road Fiddlers”.

One of the many antique trucks, tractors, and machines on display at the Expo.

The Expo was organized by the Orland Chamber of Commerce and is great way for local businesses to promote their products. The “Best of the West” theme means that it is a “westside” event, reserved for the small towns and districts on the west side of the Sacramento River including Corning, Orland, Capay, Hamilton City, and Willows.

The marvelous St. Patrick Pipe and Drum Band performing at a fund-raising dinner last night. The band is much larger than the small group in this photo. Among his many goals for the band, the organizer would like to play during the Walk for Life in San Francisco next year. Imagine that, for a just a moment: the mean streets of San Francisco, the pro-abortion rowdies shouting their obscenities, the huge pro-life crowd … and twenty Catholic boys solemnly marching with pipes and drums. A fitting reminder that the Walk for Life is not just about politics, but about remembering the victims of abortion – and no instrument commemorates the dead like the bagpipes.

6 thoughts on “Springtime in the valley

  1. Jeff-We could have used the Country Road Fiddlers at our square dance this weekend. (Those blossems remind me our peach tree. I’ll have to get a picture up before the blooms go.)


  2. Jim, that square dance you went to sounds like a grand time! Wish we could have been there. If things work out with The Country Road Fiddlers, we’ll be quitting our jobs, buying a bus, and going on tour full-time, so we’ll be sure to hit Bethune next year. :-)


  3. If you get a road bus, Jeff, be sure to paint it in Mondrian squares. There hasn’t been a road bus like that in, oh, about 35 years.

    Missed the Expo, but maybe next year.

    — Laurie

    p.s. Almost forgot — Anne is beautiful! You knew that already, of course, wink wink.


  4. I appreciate the tip, Laurie – but what are Mondrian squares? I thought we might decorate the bus with a painting of the band sitting on bales of straw under the Orland arch, but I suppose that betrays a lack of imagination …

    Anyway, sorry to have missed you at the Expo! There were lots of good exhibits. Make sure you go next year. And yes, Anne is a beauty: thanks for noticing. :-)


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