Cleaning out my bookmarks

A few random links for Easter week:

First Principles. The ISI e-zine.

Penny Justice. Catholic social doctrine.

Pro Deo et Patria. Reports on the Traditional Latin Mass from the last Catholic nation on earth.

National Vaccine Information Center. Things you haven’t been told about vaccinations.

Vaccination and brain damage. Be sure to read the comments. I haven’t decided what to think about vaccinations but am exploring alternative viewpoints.

How to Pray as a Catholic. A great resource on Catholic prayer.

CatholicTube. Catholic videos and news.

The Chapel Veil Campaign.  The fight to restore a venerable tradition.

Glenn Sacks. Pro-fatherhood, anti-feminist.

President Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam. A Catholic statesman whom the world could not endure. Twenty-four hour internet radio!

Protestant and Catholic Drinking Attitudes. “Drunken barbarians and merry Romans.”

Mixed-sex friendships.
A conversation I had with Eric Johnson in 2002.

LevelWise. I don’t have any idea who runs this website, but many (not all) of the entries are from my old El Camino Real blog. I am not mentioned as the author.

Council of Europe. Best to keep an eye on these guys.


4 thoughts on “Cleaning out my bookmarks

  1. I just finished a book about the Diem administration and U.S foreign policy, and also just listened to a radio show about his nephew, Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan. What a coincidence. I knew little about them previously. The collapse of Vietnam and the escalation of the war after his treacherous coup de tat and assassination are strong testaments of Diem’s effectiveness as a leader. Fr. Vincent Miceli devoted a couple of pages of his book “Antichrist” to the Buddhist burnings orchestrated by Trich Tri Quang which turned American public opinion and emboldened some members of the Kennedy administration to plot against him, as one of example of the modern day manifestation of the spirit of antichrist.


  2. Hello Brian. I have Fr. Miceli’s book, but have never read it. I pulled it off the shelf this evening and read the pages you referenced. Bravo – and thanks for mentioning it. As you said, Diem was indeed a brilliant and effective leader, but he did not possess the ruthlessness required to survive in such a diabolical maelstrom. The so-called persecution of the Buddhists was complete nonsense, of course: many of Diem’s most loyal officers were Buddhists. He was the Catholic leader that Kennedy, Diem’s assassin, should have been – which makes the fact that Kennedy was himself assassinated just 20 days later all that more … interesting.


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