Planned Parenthood comes to Orland

Yes, it finally happened. Orland has been graced with the nation’s pre-eminent merchant of death:

“A new family planning service is being offered weekly in Orland.

Planned Parenthood will provide a drop-in, ‘express site’ clinic every Thursday from 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Orland Public Health Department located at 345 Yolo Ave (in the WIC building).

At this clinic, Planned Parenthood will provide: birth control (pills, the patch, the ring, condoms, etc.), STD/HIV testing, emergency contraceptive and pregnancy testing. These services will be provided at low or no cost.

Because this is a drop-in (express site) clinic regular annual exams will not be provided. No appointment is needed (drop-in) however if you are an existing patient please call ahead in order to have your records available for the appointment.

For more information or for any questions please call the Glenn County Health Department at (530) 934-6588 or 1-800-655-5418.”

The director of the Glenn County Health Department, Mr. Scott Gruendl, informed me that Planned Parenthood will not be performing abortions in Orland, and he sent me the contract as evidence. However, when I called the Chico office of Planned Parenthood, I was told that the Orland site will be referring abortions to the Chico facility. My letter to the local paper was published today, and I’ve made a few phone calls. I’m not sure what to do next and would welcome any advice.


2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood comes to Orland

  1. Organize a weekly Holy Hour at your parish against this evil poison in your community. If need be, start putting the Culbreath kids on Rusary making duty to distribute among your parish to get people to pray it.

    As to the political end of it, I really can’t say. If I had any good advice, the clinic three blocks from me, and two blocks from my parish would have been closed ten years ago.

    Lord have mercy.


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