California Republican primary results

Here’s a link to the California Republican primary results. Some observations:

1. Apart from very subtle local differences, Glenn County didn’t vote much differently than California’s other conservative counties.

2. Although Glenn is always more conservative than Butte in general elections, Glenn had a higher percentage of votes for McCain than Butte (40.2 to 38.1). While Glenn County’s Republicans are more religious than Butte’s, by temperament they are less inclined to support major changes of any kind. They also tend to be strongly pro-military. This sometimes translates into establishmentarianism, and John McCain is the perfect establishment candidate.

3. Neighboring Butte County has always had a libertarian streak – hence Ron Paul did slightly better in Butte than he did here in Glenn (4.6 to 3.3).

4. Ron Paul did best in the coastal counties and in the Sierra-Nevada mountain counties. The coastal counties have high numbers of social libertarians, and the mountain counties have high numbers of economic libertarians. Paul reached 7.9% in San Francisco County, 8.6% in Santa Cruz County, 9.7% in Sierra County, and a stunning 11% in little Alpine County (out of 180 votes!).

5. Mike Huckabee did well in nearby Shasta (17.2%) and Tehama (17.1%) counties where there are significant numbers of evangelicals and fundamentalist protestants. His best county was Del Norte (21.6%), a small conservative pocket in the far northwest corner of the state.

6. In other news, Glenn and Butte counties rejected all of the Indian Gaming initiatives – but California passed them.


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