St. Gregory’s Academy

I toured St. Gregory’s Academy once, back in 2002, and spent some time with one of the teachers and his family. And last year, I had the opportunity to interview one of the students for an hour or more about his experience. I wish I had received such a formation as a young man. St. Gregory’s deserves our support.

HT to Recovering Our Catholic Patrimony.

7 thoughts on “St. Gregory’s Academy

  1. The promo does a good job of showing the things that make the education at St. Greg’s well-rounded, but perhaps they should have included something about the sort of education the students get in the classroom?


  2. I like the video that they have of the fellas juggling the fire batons… kind of. In a sense it freaks me out, or at least makes me nervous… like watching Evil Kneval or a tight-wire walker… Something I have to lookaway from!

    These young gents are a lucky lot. I hope that St. Gregory’s inspires many vocations to fatherhood – both of the priestly variety, and the large Catholic family sort.

    If there is one thing we need in the Church today, it is a lot of both. By all accounts, St. Gregory’s is doing well to promote both.


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