The Candidates

According to the Fox News Candidate Matchmaker, the presidential candidates’ views match my own in the following order:

Duncan Hunter – 38%

Mike Huckabee – 33%

Fred Thompson – 33%

Ron Paul – 28%

John McCain – 25%

Mitt Romney – 23%

Hilary Clinton – 20%

John Edwards – 18%

Barak Obama – 18%

Rudy Giuliani – 15%

That sounds about right, Duncan Hunter being both the most conservative and the only Californian in the race. I’m not sure why Fred Thompson ranks so high. I checked “no opinion” on quite a few questions because I disagreed with the assumption behind the question. Ron Paul is not, frankly, a good match for my vote on any principle but one: subsidiarity. The question is whether a return to subsidiarity is a pipe-dream, and if we’re stuck with federalism/globalism, how to make the best of it …


5 thoughts on “The Candidates

  1. ” Ron Paul is not, frankly, a good match for my vote on any principle but one: subsidiarity.”

    I’m a Duncan Hunter constituent myself and my vote will stay with him in the primary. I don’t have any hope beyond that but I sure wish I could say that I did. IIRC you had a blog entry a while back saying that you were leaning toward (had decided on?) Ron Paul. I am curious about the change and wonder if you’ll share your reasons for doing so?


  2. Yes, I had announced that I will be voting for Ron Paul. I still intend to do so, but may change my mind if it looks like Huckabee has a real chance of winning California. That isn’t likely, however.

    Ron Paul is staunchly pro-life, as is Huckabee. That said, all things being equal, I would prefer a national ban on abortion as opposed to referring the matter back to the states. Most states would promptly pass laws ensuring that abortion remains legal (in California they would make it a constitutional right) if given the choice.

    Is this an “unprincipled exception” to subsidiarity concerns? I don’t think so. If New Hampshire bans abortion, and Vermont permits it, there isn’t likely to be a single abortion prevented amongst the residents of New Hampshire. A federal ban is the only effective means of preventing abortion in the United States: the principle of subsidiarity itself kicks the regulation of abortion “upstairs” in the American context.


  3. I took the candidate matchmaker test, and for me Duncan Hunter comes out the clear favorite, followed by Huckabee and Thompson. Further down comes Romney and then Paul. Duncan Hunter has a solid pro-life record, an honorable private family life, and for years has been consistent in his warnings on China, NAFTA, the LOST, and the NAU.

    As an aside – WRT Ron Paul, it’s quite disconcerting to see leftists and traditional Catholics supporting the same candidate.


  4. Duncan Hunter came in sixth on my poll, sorry to say. He’s much higher in my personal estimation. He’s actually my (increasingly-less-liberal) Mom’s favorite candidate, to my pleasant surprise. Not much of a libertarian, but I understand the appeal of Paul.


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