Glenn County storm update

From today’s Chico Enterprise-Record:

“Besides huge damage to orange and almond orchards, the commissioner also reported losses to dairies that had to dump thousands of gallons of milk because supplies weren’t picked up.

Cleanup of debris continued in the county Tuesday, and roads remained closed due to power lines on or near the roads.

Power was restored to all but about 600 customers around the county by Tuesday morning. An Emergency Operations Center worker said PG&E expected power in those areas by Tuesday night. Phone service is still off to about 344 customers in the county, said Sheriff Larry Jones.

Black reported about 50 percent of the county’s orange trees were damaged, with a 20 percent loss from oranges that were dropped on the ground. He said the county’s largest grower lost 50 percent of his 140-acre orchard.

Almonds, which were nearing blossoming, were also affected, with a 30-40 percent loss of older, bearing trees and about 10 percent of young, non-bearing trees.

Black estimated the loss to the almond orchards may be as high as $10 million. Losses suffered by dairies are currently being assessed. Structures such as barns were also heavily damaged. It’s not yet known what kind of help farmers will be able to get for their losses, but Black said it will take a long time to determine.

Other than a pole ‘leaning precariously and other poles are beginning to lean with it’ in Orland, the county’s two cities reported things were ‘status quo’.”

From today’s Orland Press-Register:

“The wind was so strong on Friday, the California Highway Patrol reported that a truck and trailer traveling east on County Road 57, west of Road 99W, was caught by a strong gust from the south as the driver, John Winston, 45 of Elk Grove, drove over the over crossing. The truck and trailer overturned onto the westbound lane of County Road 57, which was closed most of the day. Winston wasn’t injured, the CHP reported.

Although calls came into the Glenn County Sheriff’s Department over the next few days from people needing assistance, most people were prepared for the storm, county officials said, as a result of the ‘reverse 911’ system installed by Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones in 2006.

Jones’ recorded message Thursday evening, warning people about the storm and advising them to take necessary precautions, went out to thousands of phone lines in Glenn County in English and Spanish.

Immediately following the storm, the Glenn County Agriculture Department began to tally the damage high winds caused to the area’s agriculture crops.

Assistant agriculture commissioner Jean Miller said Tuesday that roughly 10 percent of the county’s almond trees have been knocked over.

‘We were fortunate that heavy rain didn’t precede the wind and saturate the ground,’ Miller said. ‘If the ground had been saturated, then more trees would have been lost.’”

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