Morning and evening prayer – Examination of conscience

An Examination of Conscience for Evening Prayer

Was I lazy in rising? Did I neglect my prayers? Was I careless in saying my prayers? Have I doubted or denied my faith? Have I been resentful of the hardships, sufferings and trials God has given me? Have I been involved in magic, superstition, or false worship? Have I been ashamed of my religion? Have I been afraid to confess Christ before others? Have I used the name of God lightly, carelessly, or blasphemously? Have I been irreverent in the presence of the most Blessed Sacrament? Have I neglected or abused sacred things? Have I used vulgar or obscene language? Have I been disrespectful toward my parents, teachers, employers, pastors, and those in authority over me? Have I abused alcohol or drugs? Have I been intemperate in eating or drinking? Have I consented to impure glances? Have I consented to impure or unchaste thoughts? Have I abused my body, or another’s body, in any way? Have I been immodest in dress or behavior? Have I been a temptation to others? Have I consented to immoral entertainments? Have I cheated my employer or wasted time at work? Have I been dishonest or deceitful? Have I told any lies? Have I disclosed the sins or faults of others without necessity? Have I revealed secrets I should have kept? Have I been unkind or cruel to anyone? Have I been excessively critical of others, or concerned myself too much with their faults? Have I been unwilling to accept correction or just criticism? Have I entertained uncharitable thoughts? Have I made mischief between neighbors? Have I participated in gossip or evil rumors? Have I needlessly offended anyone? Have I been quarrelsome? Have I held any grudges? Have I been slow or unwilling to forgive offenses? Have I been jealous of the possessions, power, or wealth of others? Have I been greedy, selfish, or impatient? Have I been proud and self-righteous? Have I vainly displayed my knowledge, intelligence, or virtues for the admiration of others? Have I pretended to have knowledge, intelligence, or virtue I do not really possess? Have I failed to keep busy in order to counter sinful and idle thoughts? Have I neglected any duties toward my spouse and children? Have I forgotten the poor, the sick, and the lonely ones? Have I failed to pray for those close to me? Have I been unmindful of the needs of others?

4 thoughts on “Morning and evening prayer – Examination of conscience

  1. Nice & concise. I need this daily. I always need to pray to remind myself to allow God to control things and to understand from that I will enjoy the work day.


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