Gather the family ’round your computer, dear readers! And crank up those speakers! In this Stony Creek Digest EXCLUSIVE you will be treated to a perfectly enunciated audio version of the historic motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, created and spoken by my talented friend from Sacramento, a gentleman whose great humility prevents me from disclosing his true identity, and who for attribution purposes wishes only to be known as “Buckminster Westminster”. Just pull up a chair, click here, sit back and enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Exclusive!

  1. Bravo, Buckminster Westminster! You can almost see (and smell) his rotten teeth. I predict this clip will soon be on every Catholic teen’s iPod.


  2. Jeff, all that I hear is the title, Summorum Pontificum, followed by “this is a non-official English translation”. And it ends.

    Does he read the entire Motu Propio or just the title?


  3. Yes, he certainly did. And speaking of doing a great job, if you are the host of the Papal Encyclicals site linked in my sidebar, I thank you for a job well done. What a great service! And if you are also the Martin of ancient Crowhill fame, thanks for dropping in. I wish you and yours a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas.


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