A blessed day

The morning of December 8 was cold, crisp, and clear in northern California – an immaculate sky for the Immaculate One, and for a child soon to be made immaculate by the waters of holy baptism. The feast commemorates the conception of Our Lady in the womb of St. Anne, a fitting day for the baptism of her namesake, Anne Josephine.

The sacrament was administered by Fr. Robert Novokowsky, F.S.S.P., in the medieval Lady Chapel at St. Stephen the First Martyr Catholic Church.

Anne with her wonderful Godparents.

My incomparable wife and our three daughters.

Fr. Novokowsky and his flock of Culbreaths.

Anne with her sweet Godmother, the kind of Catholic she would do well to imitate, and who would be deeply embarrassed if I told you any more about her. (God bless you, Mrs. D.!)

Anne just before her baptism, with my dear great-aunt Hilda.


14 thoughts on “A blessed day

  1. Christine: As you can tell, their mother gets all the credit for whatever good looks they possess!

    Margaret: Thank you, and may the same joy visit you and yours! I’m very glad to learn that Our Lady’s day is highly significant for your child as well …

    Kimberly: Anne Josephine is grateful for your welcome – and her parents for your prayers!

    Enbrethiliel: Yes, indeed – but I wish some were closer. My great-aunt is 91 and lives two hours away.

    Judy: It was an honor to have you and your family present for the occasion. Thanks so much for attending! I need to finish that conversation with your husband about British and American ways of speaking English …


  2. The photos of the family make our hearts soar. We remember when Jeff was born and to now watch his beautiful family grow is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

    Paul & Donna Spillman


  3. No eyes open wider than a newborn baby’s eyes. Little Anne looks as if she is struggling to see EVERYTHING, all at once, and when she can’t she’s gonna let you all hear about it.

    Your lovely family is blessed once more. Enjoy this time and a Merry Christmas to you all, Jeff.



  4. The shortest Culbreath with the head-scarve tied babushka-style looks wise beyond her years. She looks like your little philosopher. The one in the nectie looks like your practical joker/mischief & merriment maker! (They make the best priests… just sayin!)

    Congratulations again to you and yours. That is a mighty fine looking brood you have there. You should be rightly proud.


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