Apostle of charity

Another fascinating story to contemplate this Advent.

Deo gratias – and thank you, Christine.


6 thoughts on “Apostle of charity

  1. By the way, I’m heading to my first Traditional Latin Mass in France tonight; I’ve just found out the address of the FSSP house here in Dijon, so I’ll be hopping onto the bus in half an hour or so. Now if only I could figure out where to get a veil (unfortunately left mine back in the States)…


  2. We are quite well, Christine, our only misfortune being that we are not living in the shadow of centuries’ old cathedrals, in the heart of old Christendom, sipping our steaming cups of mulled wine! Needless to say I sure have enjoyed reading about it. :-)

    Please tell us about the Mass in Dijon. Hopefully they had a basket of chapel veils in the vestibule for ladies to borrow …


  3. It’s wonderful to see a posting here from Laudem Gloriae – a blog full of treasures. I stil recall Christine’s post about Sigrid Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter which first introduced me to that unforgettable trilogy. Both her blog and yours have brought me many thoughtful moments.


  4. Too kind!

    Because the French FSSP site had the wrong address, I wandered around through Dijon’s side streets in the rain for half an hour, to my great disappointment, unable to find the Mass; now that I’ve got the updated list with the current address, I plan on going tomorrow morning.


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