October in the flatlands

Here are some photos I took around the ranch this afternoon.

A view of the homestead from a corner of the fruit orchard.

This is our famous super-deluxe-custom-built-late-model-chickenhouse – the jewel of the west side, the pride of Orland, the envy of neighbors for miles around, and St. Isidore Ranch’s main attraction. Note the exterior doors for the nest boxes, so that eggs may be easily retrieved from outside. Note also the ventilation windows at the top. A low-maintenance automatic watering device can be seen to the right. There are twelve nest boxes inside, and sixteen feet of comfortable roosting rods. The spacious building measures 8X8, so it can double as a guest house if needed.

Looking west from the goat pasture towards the city of Orland.

This cinderblock building once functioned as a milking barn for a dairy operation. We converted it to a workshop and a home office, where I am sitting now.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Farmer Jonathan, Amy, and Angel our Great Pyrenee.

To my eyes, the most beautiful sight on this earth. Mrs. Culbreath is due any minute …


11 thoughts on “October in the flatlands

  1. Jeff, I hate to tell you this, but that goat pasture?


    the city of Orland!

    And your chicken condo needs to be leased out for city office space, I’m sure. It’s nicer than my whole house! Seriously, my dad has built some smart chicken condos in his day (also with external laying box access), but yours beats them all. And I don’t know how you have beaten the weeds into submission — it’s a battle I fail on a daily, not just seasonal, basis — but your place is so neat and tidy it’s hard to believe.

    AND . . .

    you have a truly lovely family. Your boys look like you.




  2. Laurie: If that goat pasture IS the city of Orland, which of those goats is the … nevermind. I’ll give some thought to leasing out my chicken condo. Maybe the Patrons could use it? As for the weeds, well, how kind of you to notice! That very evening I was tramping around the place with 5-gallons of weed killer on my back. Nevertheless, I was (ahem) selective in my photography. :-)

    Marissa: Thank you, but someone had to take the picture!

    Mr. Fennell: Everyone needs a goat pasture. Don’t know how we got by without one all those years. I may have a free goat for you soon …


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