Sierra Nevada Brewing Company … and Abortion

This is sad news. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company produces excellent beer, much loved by traditional Catholics in California and beyond. Unfortunately we recently picked up some literature from Chico’s most notorious abortion provider: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is listed as a supporter. So long, Pale Ale! Sure, it’s been fun, but there must be other west coast microbrewers who don’t spend their profits on the destruction of human life.

9 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Brewing Company … and Abortion

  1. Dontcha just hate it when companies reveal their political and/or philosophical bent? It’s such a mistake on their part. They will always alienate somebody, and with an issue of this magnitude they will alienate a very large percentage of people.


  2. Jeff: Good man!

    Laurie: Right, it isn’t good business sense. I could do without knowing whether the execs at Sierra Nevada are pro-abortion, but if they are, I’ll still drink their beer. However – when they are spending their profits to promote abortion, then I DO want to know about it so that I may act accordingly. Likewise, I want to support those companies that are openly pro-life. Unlike saving whales or freeing Tibet, I don’t think this is a topic that can be dismissed as political quirkiness.


  3. This is terrible, but not the end.

    Sierra Nevada is a good family of beers, certainly, but there is nothing about them that are not replicable, and there are no copyright protections on beer recipes (especially when no espionage was used, just trial and error).

    A Catholic brewer ought to step in with a line of beer called something like “Our Lady of the Sierra Ales” and sell the same style for a buck less a six pack (and let people know that the buck is better left in the consumer’s wallet than in local abortuaries).


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