More Orland photos

A picturesque house in town, one block from St. Dominic’s.

Here’s a place that The Western Confucian will recognize.

The Carnegie Community Center in Library Park.

Looking west towards downtown. The Coast Range mountains are in the background.

The window display in one of Orland’s downtown shops.

Many homes in Orland are small and modest, but not without character.


9 thoughts on “More Orland photos

  1. I know the Lutheran Church, too — the second stop on my Christian self-education, and where I was baptized and confirmed as a child.

    The building with the blue windows now houses Floors By Ray, but it was Vitt’s Pharmacy for years. It had the only elevator in town, once; don’t know if that’s still true.


  2. Orland once had an elevator? Who would’ve guessed!

    Do tell me more about that Christian self-education sometime. I was Lutheran myself until about age 27.

    Now I’m off to Andy’s Butcher Block for their hot pastrami sandwich – the best in town!


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