A Nickel Tour of Orland

A view looking south on 4th Street, Orland’s official “downtown”. You will notice that all the cars are parked, even at 10:00am on a weekday. This scene is not unusual.

The Kountry Kitchen on 4th Street is Orland’s main gathering spot.

Also on 4th Street you will find City Hall, the Police Department, the Post Office, and PG&E. It’s hard to go downtown without bumping into someone you know.

This bar was never one of Orland’s more respectable establishments (it was recently shut down by the state), but the bullfight mural is pretty neat.

Orland Hardware on 5th Street is a very frequent stop of mine.

We dream of the day when the Latin Mass returns to St. Dominic’s. The church is always open during the day, even when no one seems to be around. It’s a good place to stop in and say a prayer.

A typical alley in town.

A goat-farming family on Road 19 has maintained this shrine for as long as we’ve been here.

Signs with Christian messages are common in the Orland area. This one belongs to a homestead on Road 20.


3 thoughts on “A Nickel Tour of Orland

  1. Very nice, Jeff. Orland Hardware is one of my favorite places! I just don’t get there often enough, unfortunately.

    Did you see the HUGE painted sign on the old hotel downtown — SOLD! I hear the plan is to rebuild it as a hotel. Nice for the town.



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