TLM Returns to Cathedral in Sacramento

The Mass of the Roman Rite in the Extraordinary Form, in conformity with

Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum, will be celebrated at the Cathedral

of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, California at 7:30pm on October 12, 2007.

The Solemn High Mass will honor the 90 year anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

at Fatima, and will be followed by a candlelight Rosary and Benediction of the

Blessed Sacrament, in reparation for abortion, and in supplication for its end.

6 thoughts on “TLM Returns to Cathedral in Sacramento

  1. A beautiful picture, indeed. I lived and worked in downtown Sacramento in the late 90’s and visited the cathedral frequently. It was somewhat dark and dingy then. I returned on a business trip last year and was amazed at the transformation. It is a stunningly beautiful restoration. How wonderful that the Extraordinary Form will return!


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