Another reason to flee the cities

The coming urban terror.


8 thoughts on “Another reason to flee the cities

  1. For a moment I thought this was a joke picture because I thought the rioters were ninjas. “Oruku-san! Yes! I will never forgive you! You have no chance make your time!” :)

    But seriously, a thoughtful article.


  2. I think the article writer is completely out of touch with reality. War between states is not significantly less likely as a matter of structure, it’s temporarily so because we are still living in the political and economic aftermath of WWII. Europe has been the constant focus of major war since the end of the American Civil War. WWII left the European powers both exhausted and unwilling to have another go.

    So Europe has had no major war since 1945. Except Cyprus, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, and Cechnya. How about Asia (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, India)? How about Africa (Congo, Angola, Liberia, Namibia, Ethiopia, Chad, Libya, Uganda, Zibzbwe, Sudan, etc, etc, etc)? Granted, some of these could not be called state-vs-state wars, but only because the structures of statehood have become a liability in an age of 4th generation warfare.

    The author is writing about a world he thinks exists, not the one I see.


  3. Oh, and leave us not forget the mid-east. Israel (x3), Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan (x2), and half a dozen former Soviets waiting for the bear to turn his back so they can kill their neighbors.


  4. Danby,

    I don’t see how the realities you cite end up contradicting the article, though.

    We could, in fact, be looking at a “both/and” rather than “either/or”, giving us the worst of both worlds, with “interesting” regional variations. Of course, I mean “interesting” in the Chinese curse sense.

    God have mercy.



  5. On further reflection … I’m not quite sure I buy the author’s take on biowarfare.

    Now, I do think he’s correct about the radically diminishing entry cost of biotech, although frankly, low-tech approaches should work just fine for terror bioweapons (think smallpox blankets).

    But, I see this only applying to terror groups, not to organized crime. Where’s the benefit? A virus doesn’t care about your gang membership – it’ll be happy to kill them too.

    So, the smart, successful gangsters won’t be playing with plagues. Yippee.

    On the gripping hand, God help us all if the technology advances to the point of customizing gene-linked plagues (yes, I know, Frank Herbert wrote “White Plague” years ago already…) If I were running an al-Qaida cell, I’d sure want to get a hold of a Tay-Sachs-loving bug …

    This sort of thing really brings out my inner Luddite.



  6. Didn’t read the article, but I’m all for another War between the States. The South, and middle America, will rise again, and maybe we’ll just push all the Californians (except the Glenn County folks) off into the Pacific.


  7. Well, Curmudgeon, as a Californian, I can’t say that I desire to see any of my fellow Californians pushed into the ocean … but I take your point. As a French priest once told me: “Ah, how I love France! The only problem with France is that it is full of Frenchmen!”


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