Camp Sacred Heart – June, 2007

Aside from daily Mass, rosary, and catechism, the boys of Camp Sacred Heart were kept pretty busy. Here’s Christopher taking archery lessons.


No one – and I mean no one – plays dodgeball with the enthusiasm (some would say fanaticism) of St. Stephen’s boys.


By the looks on their faces, these young men are undoubtedly singing Four Green Fields, a campfire favorite.


For the Iron Man contest, participants ran laps while carrying an uprooted fencepost still attached to its concrete base.


But that was nothing compared to the mattress races! This mattress had been soaked in the creek.


I intended to post a wonderful photo of the boys at prayer, but my image upload quota has been used up. Maybe I’ll get it on here later. I don’t think there is anything like Camp Sacred Heart anywhere else in California. The FSSP priests and seminarians provided a marvelous example of Catholic manhood for the boys. These photos are the result of a good friend’s hard work and generosity. Thank you, Gary!

4 thoughts on “Camp Sacred Heart – June, 2007

  1. Hey Jeff, you can open a, or account, and you can have as many pics as you want on the blog. Upload them there, and copy/paste into the blog.


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