Diocese of Las Cruces

I met a fine gentleman from the Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico, at the FSSP summer camp last month. He told me a little about the problems there. The diocesan “mission statement” below is a good indication that they’re not going to be too excited about implementing Summorum Pontificum.

“The Diocese of Las Cruces is the fruit of our unique and traditional experiences. In the past four hundred-plus years, our identity has been a blend of inheritance and creativity. How we envision ourselves will determine what we become as a part of the Church universal. Situated in the northern region of the Chihuahuan desert and the southern heights of the Rocky Mountains, the character of the Diocese of Las Cruces has been shaped by the charm of the desert, the majesty of the mountain terrain, and the immense variety of its multi-cultural riches. These elements, together, provide us with an ambience supporting a spirituality of deep faith and piety. As people of the desert, we long for the cool waters that bring birth and refreshment. As people of an arid climate, we learn to respect nature in its burning heat and winds. As agrarian people, we trust that God will provide for all our needs. As people of land and river, we respect the rhythms of the earth. As people of the mountains, we go to the summit to seek God.”

To summarize:

1. This diocese is all about “who we are”.

2. We create our own identity.

3. The desert, the mountains, and “multicultural riches” are the sources of our “deep faith and piety”.

No mention of the Triune God, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Saints and Martyrs, the Holy Father, the Holy Eucharist, salvation of souls, repentance, forgiveness of sins, faith and morals, or anything at all recognizably Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Diocese of Las Cruces

  1. Mission statements evolve. Identity comes first. When I say, “I believe in God the Father….” I must have an understanding of who I am. Likewise when a community works on its mission, vision, and values its members must understand who they are. Through contemplation, search, and prayerful openness and listening, the community allows God to reveal Himself through scripture, the Church, and others – including this blog.
    The Diocese is 25 years new and is seeking God. In another 25 years this mission statement will be considerably different.


  2. Welcome, Joe. I certainly don’t mean to offend a new guest on my blog (and I beg my readers to forgive the approaching vulgarity), but your comments merit a response that will undoubtedly be interpreted as somewhat impolite:

    What a vile, stinking load of horse manure. “The Diocese is 25 years new and is seeking God”? If, after 25 years, the Diocese of Las Cruces still hasn’t decided to be Catholic in identity and mission, then it needs to formally leave the Church and go find itself out there in the desert somewhere. Thanks for checking in.


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