Where women rule

Women are in charge in most marriages, according to a new study:

“Wives were more demanding—asking for changes in the relationship or in their partner—and were more likely to get their way than the husbands. This held regardless of who had chosen the issue.

The women were not just talking more than their husbands.

‘It wasn’t just that the women were bringing up issues that weren’t being responded to, but that the men were actually going along with what they said,’ Vogel explained. ‘[Women] were communicating more powerful messages, and men were responding to those messages by agreeing or giving in.’”

I find this even more intriguing in light of the fact that women initiate 70% of all divorces. Apparently modern women really aren’t too happy with this newfound marital power.

One thought on “Where women rule

  1. How objective can this study be when a statement like “women were communicating more powerful messages” is made?

    Casual observation of relationships about me would agree that wives are in charge. Husbands play a supporting role.
    Wives may roll their eyes over something their husbands do, lamenting that they are such ‘little boys’, but seem to have a great deal at stake in keeping them that way in order to feel powerful. As you point out, they are not happy.

    In education, teachers were pushed to treat boys and girls exactly alike. In practical terms, that meant girls were empowered and boys were rewarded only for behaving like girls. “Giving in” to feminine demands starts early.

    How many men have experienced many opportunities and the rewards of standing firm?


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