5 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Jeff- Understand the euphoria, but history teaches another lesson. Rumor has it that the delay in release of the MP had to do with trying to get all the bishops on board-you know most are not jumping with joy over the prospect of re-invigorated traditional communities requesting and then demanding Masses and parishies. Some places, (those places with an already generous application of the ‘indult’) the TLM will be welcomed with open arms. Other places, bishops will assert their local presence to sabotage and undermine this MP. Prayer…. Jim


  2. A dose of reality without pessimism or cynicism. We have to be people of prayer and hope. Who knows what we’ll now see in our lifetimes relative to the health of the Church.


  3. Jim: Yes, you are right. My original post contained a thought to the effect of “perhaps it would be best not to ask for the TLM” in some cases. Should we force something holy into the hands of those who despise it?

    Marissa: No, you are not hallucinating. You’ve just been up too late grading papers! Actually you are right, the original post was much longer (and much crankier).

    Terry: Quite so. Whatever the obstacles, it is an exciting time to be Catholic.


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