Things that don’t bother me

As it seems I’ll not be posting anything substantive for a while, I will attempt to entertain you with my own homemade blog meme. Here is a list of 30 things that don’t bother me:

1. Vegetarians.
2. Mobile homes.
3. Old money/inherited wealth.
4. Clotheslines.
5. People who can’t speak English well.
6. Bluebloods.
7. Racial homogeneity.
8. Economic inequality.
9. Early marriage.
10. Bored children.
11. Absolute monarchy.
12. People who don’t vote.
13. Class privilege.
14. Eccentrics.
15. Illegal immigrants.
16. Global warming.
17. Sinners in high places.
18. High school dropouts.
19. Adults who still live with their parents.
20. Racial diversity.
21. Men who are too loud.
22. Women who are too quiet.
23. Religious kitsch.
24. The Luminous Mysteries.
25. Thomas Kinkade.
26. Farm subsidies.
27. Government funding for the arts.
28. People with prejudices.
29. People with no worldly ambitions.
30. Pesticides.

I hereby tag TSO , William Luse, and Steve Skojec! And Hilary!

UPDATE! Here’s ten more:

31. Tobacco users.
32. Permanent deacons.
33. Dick Cheney.
34. The smell of a dairy farm.
35. Breastfeeding in public.
36. Babies in church.
37. The Crusades.
38. Capital punishment.
39. Protestant fundamentalists.
40. Inefficiency.

28 thoughts on “Things that don’t bother me

  1. Sucks to be me! No one ever tags me.

    I started a similar list: Ten things I don’t really care about.

    if I recall, they included, global warming, the vocations crisis, women’s rights, identity politics, creationism vs Darwinism. I didn’t finish the list because, well, I don’t really care about anything on it.


  2. Oh, c’mon. 30 is nothing. Just to prove it I’ve added 10 more. What are you, some kind of intolerant misanthrope?? Nevermind, I like you anyway. Should’ve put misanthropes on my list.

    TSO has an interesting list. He reminded me about the Crusades. I really appreciate his including “bad poetry”. But I object to his including “a woman president”: must be some mistake there. TSO, if you’re reading this, you forgot to tag a few other bloggers.

    And Hilary, this is my meme and if you can’t think of 30 it doesn’t count!


  3. None of those things bother me either. Why don’t you post about what stuff does bother you? Of course, that is what most of us bloggers do, isn’t it? Cool idea though!


  4. Terry: That’s right. The rest of my blog is about “things that bother me”. :-)

    Margaret: What makes it fun is thinking of things that bother lots of other people but don’t bother you. They should not be things that you are passionate about either way.

    P.S. You’re both tagged!


  5. Breastfeeding in public! Of course I should’ve included that one. Bill Luse ought to steal that one too.

    I did forget also to tag someone – I’ll update my post.


  6. “On the one hand you are a white supremacist and on the other you’re not.”

    How do you come to this conclusion? Is one a white supremacist if he is not bothered by racial homogeneity? Hardly. What I am saying is that race alone is not a motivating principle in either direction. Were I to visit Japan or North Dakota I would not be bothered in the least by the racial uniformity. Integration for its own sake makes no sense to me. Neither am I bothered by racial diversity here in California, and to some extent I rather enjoy it.


  7. I got this far, and then got distracted.

    1. The Vocations Crisis – there isn’t one.

    2. Canada – see note above re: vocations crisis.

    3. Global Warming – warmer winters? longer summers? sounds pretty good to a Canuckistani.

    4. Women’s Rights – actually I do care about this, it’s just that I think we should have fewer of them.

    5. Canadian Politics – tough to care about the politics of something that doesn’t really exist.

    6. The Canadian Catholic Church – as note one above.

    7. Liturgical Abuses in the Novus Ordo – Can’t corrupt something that is itself a corruption.

    8. Genetically Modified Foods – humans have been genetically modifying the food they grow for ten thousand years. Too late to worry about it now.

    9. The Sex Abuse Scandal – fags do what fags do; if you put a bunch of yippity-skip nancy-boys in the Church, that’s what they will do.

    10. The Environment – nature is stronger than us. Oxford says: “Environment, n. Surrounding; surrounding objects, region, or circumstances.” sounds like the sort of thing that will be there no matter what.

    11. Islam – it’s a false religion. Truth always wins…in the end.

    12. Racism – it’s been with us a long time; not going away soon.

    13. the Role of the Laity – pay, pray and obey gives us plenty to do.

    14. the Modern Dissolution of the Religious Orders – no point saving a house that’s already riddled with termites. The sooner it goes down, the less threat it poses to the neighbourhood. With the anti-nuns: the sooner they die off, the sooner we get their stuff.

    15. the Motu Proprio – if it comes before the Parousia, we’re ahead, I figure.

    16. University Dropouts – a sign of mental health if you ask me.

    17. Catholics who don’t want to move and shake – also disparagingly called ‘pew-sitters.’ We need more non-activist Catholics. People got enough to think about without obsessing over encyclicals.

    18. Ladies who don’t want to work/go into politics – Kittens and embroidery, as well as gardening, homeschooling, sewing, pie-making, and watercolour landscape painting are all under-represented in the unpaid labour market.

    19. Modern “Art” – the only people who pay for it are corporations and it is only seen in art galleries that only stupid people go to. What’s the loss? Beauty is like truth and nature; they’re stronger than our stupidity and tend to make comebacks.

    20. Gay Rights/Feminism/Demographic Implosion – a problem that is naturally taking care of itself without me having to lift a finger.

    21. The Pandas – (or cute endangered species of your choice)- people don’t want to save the pandas; they want to keep feeling the Cuteness Thrill and worry they will lose it when the cute animals go away. Plenty of cute furry animals around to trigger the response. Besides, any animal that refuses to reproduce and only eats one kind of food deserves to get voted off the genetic island.

    22. The Coming Persecution of the Last of the Faithful Catholics – can’t think of an easier way to go to heaven than at the point of a commie rifle. cf. Miguel Pro.

    23. Anglicanism – I write a lot about the ‘coming Anglican schism’. It almost always makes me giggle.


  8. Not bad, Hilary – although I sense a difference between “things that don’t bother me” and “things I don’t care about”. The former seems more passive, and the latter a conscious decision.

    I like the items on lay participation and Catholic “pew sitters”. Bravo there. But don’t be so hard on Canada. A country that gave the world Gordon Lightfoot and Loreena McKennitt can’t be all bad. :-)


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