Catholic Restorationists

Most of you are probably aware of Steve Skojec’s new Catholic Restorationist project. The CR’s excellent charter can be read here. The latest phase of this project is the launching of a group weblog in which each member has posting privileges. I don’t generally go in for group blogs. It is all I can do to maintain my own, and furthermore, at some point I am certain to get in trouble with the authorities. My views don’t seem to be an easy fit anywhere. That said, the new CR blog happens to be engaging the same problems that have been my own preoccupation for the last few years. Even better, they are intent upon not merely asking the right questions, but acting upon the answers. In real life. There are already several good posts up by other members, and I hope to contribute something myself now and again. Please bookmark this site and make it a daily read.


8 thoughts on “Catholic Restorationists

  1. Thank you. Their charter is beautiful. I am a new Catholic convert, and have been surprised by how I long for a return to tradition in the Catholic Church. At first I felt comfortable because my parish felt so “Protestant.” Now I ache for the ancient rituals. God knew what he was doing when he set up his Church. The sensory experience of Catholicism is so rich and gorgeous, and through our senses we are constantly reminded of the presence of God.


  2. Steve: You win! :-)

    Faith: Quite true, about the sensory experience of Catholicism. I remember feeling that tug long before I knew anything about the Church. Hope you’ll comment on the CR blog too.


  3. The beautiful photograph on the front page of Catholic Restorationists was enough to draw me in. I’m a cradle Catholic who is just now in the middle of my life realizing what I could’ve had all along if I’d only known. Thank God for giving me enough time to start a slow turn off the main road!

    Blogs like Stony Creek and Catholic Restorationists are a draught of pure, fresh water. And, on a side note, they’re why I’m beginning to like blogs more than forums.


  4. Yes, Annabenedetti, that’s some photograph! Looks like something right out of the Shire. (Where’d you find it, Steve?)

    I’m glad these blogs are helpful. I worry about too much talk and not enough action, though – and I’m about ready for another blog-fast myself. Make sure you pick a few berries off the main road. There’s no hurry …


  5. Jeff,

    I got the picture from a free stock photo site. I searched through hundreds before I found one that I felt conveyed the sense of agrarianism and Catholic community. Usually, I use my own photographs for image headers, but I didn’t have anything that fit the bill.

    I believe the picture is from Austria or Switzerland…I can’t recall.

    And on the blog fast note, remember – your talk inspires action in others!


  6. I tell you folks, you keep me going.
    A quick update – we planted 8 fruit trees in our front yard this spring. Yesterday we planted 4 rhubarb plants in the back. I have herbs in my boxes and we will be putting in some vegetables as soon as we can turn over some more soil. Converting lawn and landscaping into useful as well as beautiful is not an easy project.

    One of the nurses at the hospital has laying hens, and she has been very generous with the eggs. We have signed up to support a local farmer through the community supported agriculture program –
    rather than the humongous new agey one

    I am nowhere near being a Luddite, but I am increasingly distressed with the abuse of technology that is rampant in our culture. I see it as a form of idolatry that we want to make everything quick, painless and easy, from birth to death. And yet, I find that I am not immune……

    I think it is incumbent upon each of us who realizes the need to take whatever action we can to make the changes – with prayer and with discernment, but if all we do is complain and don’t act, how are we any better than those who blindly follow the culture?


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