Monday morning

Just a few Monday notes:

Mr. Adrian Martin, venerable host of The Old Tode web log, has graduated from the University of Hawaii. Now the fun begins!


Daniel, who hosts Ride of the Rohirrim, met his finance through CatholicMatch and has some interesting thoughts about meeting online. Meanwhile, Chris of Domine Non Sum Dignus complements the topic with some ruminations on courtship.


The Yeoman Farmer reminds us that “pump first, pay later” gas stations still exist in the heartland. We don’t have any of these in Orland, but one of the first things I noticed after moving here is that our drive-through businesses hand you the order before taking your money. Aren’t they afraid of me driving off? I guess not. And I still find it strange that some of our downtown establishments leave their merchandise and sandwich boards outside – totally unsecured! – when closed overnight.


Here’s Cardinal Siri’s famous Notification Concerning Men’s Dress Worn by Women. This one is always a good reminder of Catholic thinking on the topic. The foregoing link, by the way, was brought to my attention by the wonderful Elena-Maria Vidal of Tea at Trianon – a web log of the highest quality and content. I’m currently reading her gripping historical novel Trianon, a portrait of the French royal family at the time of the revolution. As I progress through the evocative and exceptionally well-written pages of this work, I am beginning to think that it belongs on every Catholic bookshelf.


Along the same lines, Requiem Press appears to be offering a bulk discount on a fine little booklet titled The Chapel Veil: Symbol of the Spouse of Christ. I recommend purchasing a batch of these for your parish bookstore.


Yesterday, the feast commemorating Our Lady of Fatima, was also the 7th anniversary of our being received into the Catholic Church and the first annual May Crowning for the Latin Mass community in Chico. LeXuan made the beautiful crown of flowers that was used in the ceremony. And tomorrow is the patronal feast day of our homestead, St. Isidore Ranch. Amidst the celebrating there is still too much work to do. Nevertheless I should get around to answering e-mails and comments shortly. Thanks for your patience!

12 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. Adrian: Another econ major! I knew we had something else in common. :-)

    Hilary: I suspect our grad picked up his knowledge of the apostrophe reading Chesterton, Belloc, or Newman. Or possibly Schmemman, Pomazansky, or Fr. Seraphim Rose.


  2. My *very incomplete* education included Kuehnelt-Leddihn, then Mises/Rothbard (I had an extended libertarian moment), Chesterbelloc, and later on Fr. Seraphim. Fr. Michael Pomazansky I’m working on right now. I’m virtually the only one at the university who knows of these authors. O Tempora, O Mores!


  3. Kuehnelt-Leddihn, of course: “Tener vn hixo — Plantar vn árbol — Eſcribir vn libro”! I’m not sure what language that’s in, but it looks like the “perfectly reactionary pattern” from EVKL’s “Liberty or Equality”.


  4. Haha, it’s merely Spanish with archaic letters/old spelling–v instead of u, x instead of j, and the “long s” instead of the modern version. I got the idea from Mr Mitsui over at Lion-and-Cardinal. That’s practically the only Spanish I know; I am, however, semi-fluent in Japanese.


  5. Jeff, thank you for the link. I’m glad my post generated some interest.

    And, I wanted to say that I’ll pray for the Latin Mass community in Chico…I’m glad to know that it is doing well.


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