Some interesting discussion

Between my regular job and working on the homestead, I haven’t had much time for blogging. Based on the questions and comments of readers I hope to address the following topics shortly: self-sufficiency, getting started in agrarian living, fighting modern and post-modern ideologies, homeschooling, and male headship. Your patience is appreciated. In the meantime, the tradition and restoration conversation continues elsewhere:


Practical Steps

Homeschool Bleg

I Hate Nanny

What to Wear?

John Senior: Should We Moderate Our Praise?

Are Catholics and Television Like Oil and Water?

The University Question


2 thoughts on “Some interesting discussion

  1. ooh – looking forward to the “modern and post-modern ideologies”. I have been reading CS Lewis quite a bit and am fascinated by the whole thing – relativistic thought as it relates to life in America.
    Love your blog. You are extremely intelligent and non-emotional when talking about these things (I noticed it on Cecily’s blog.) I like that.


  2. Thank you for your generous comment, Rach. I’m honored to have you reading this blog. Stick around and you’ll see my non-non-emotional side. :-)

    Yes indeed, C.S. Lewis diagnosed the situation handily. Which of his works are you reading?


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