Kill your television! – II

Television linked to attention and learning difficulties, courtesy of LifeSite:

“At age 14, 225 (33.2 percent) of the teens reported that they watched three or more hours of television per day. ‘Television viewing time at mean age 14 years was associated with elevated risk for subsequent frequent attention difficulties, frequent failure to complete homework assignments, frequent boredom at school, failure to complete high school, poor grades, negative attitudes about school (i.e., hates school), overall academic failure in secondary school and failure to obtain post-secondary (e.g., college, university, training school) education,’ the authors write. ‘These associations remained significant after the covariates were controlled.’ These covariates included family characteristics and previous problems with thinking, learning and memory.”


One thought on “Kill your television! – II

  1. Whenever I read in Psalm 100 (101) these lines: I will walk with blameless heart within my house; I will not set before my eyes whatever is base….. No man who practices deceit shall live within my house. No man who utters lies shall stand before my eyes” I think it is talking about TV.


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