There’s something in the water …

… but it doesn’t make women pregnant. The waste from estrogen-loaded contraceptive pills is contaminating our water supply, essentially neutering male fish. This can’t be good for fertility either. If the contaminated water has the effect of feminizing male fish, what do you suppose it does to men who drink it? Perhaps the birth rate is higher in the countryside because we get our water from undergound wells, not city water systems.

Contraception: the gift that keeps on giving …

6 thoughts on “There’s something in the water …

  1. Do I need to go through your archives, or will you write a post about the contraception that you find acceptable? (I’m not being sarcastic; really would like to know as this topic has interested me of late.)


  2. I’ve read about this before. I’ve often wondered also if this extra dose of hormones we are all getting is causing increased cancer rates as well. It just can’t be good for us.


  3. Good question, Margaret. Sounds like something that needs to be studied. The Pill is definitely associated with breast cancer. Marin County, California, is famous both for its extremely low birth rate and an extremely high rate of breast cancer.


  4. At a minimum, there has to be research into any correlation to induced homosexualism.

    If trout turn into hermaphrodites…what’s it doing to our boys?


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