Cristeros of Mexico

I’m not ordinarily a fan of beauty contests, but this story is too good to pass up. The militant and evocative dress of lovely Miss Mexico has been making waves today. The skirt honors the heroic Mexican Cristeros (video link courtesy of Hallowed Ground). Predictably, the secularists are furious and have demanded that she “tone it down”. Poor Miss Mexico violated almost every rule in the Universal Handbook of Political Correctness. Just imagine: a modern beauty pageant entry celebrating traditional Catholic piety combined with temporal military strength, and replete with rosaries, scapulars, a full length skirt and no cleavage! (What might look at first to be a bare midriff is actually a brown ammunition belt.)   

I’ll be scarce for a couple of days. See you next week.

6 thoughts on “Cristeros of Mexico

  1. Jeff:
    Glad you’re back to blogging.
    Bill Cork was unhappy too. However, he criticized the dress because one can’t be a marytr while armed. I respectfull disagree in the case of the Cristeros



  2. Ooh. The HTML didn’t work. And I think that your article (I read it after I commented) said about the same thing. The Catholics seem T.O.’d about this too.


  3. I beg to differ on your assertion that she’s not sporting a bare midriff — if you’ll look closely, you’ll see that the ammo belt is a much darker color than what is *clearly* a bare midriff (note that the color of the midriff is the same as her arms/neck). She is wearing a halter top and a hoop skirt.


  4. Steve: The Catholic News headline is wildly misleading and irresponsible. Nothing in the article indicates she is mocking the Cristeros. In fact the pro-Cristeros message of the skirt is unmistakable. As for some clerics also speaking out against the skirt, I suspect they are simply trying not to make waves with the government. Much as it was in the Cristeros’ day.

    Melanie: The ammunition belt explanation is something I read somewhere. I’ve seen the outfit from several angles and it looks plausible to me. But you might be right. If it really is a bare midriff my enthusiasm is dimmed considerably. Still an awesome skirt, though.


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