The latest rash of stories (see here, here, here and here) leaves very little doubt: homosexuality is becoming the catalyst for state persecution of Christians in general, and the Catholic Church in particular, on a worldwide scale. And this still surprises me. Who has ever heard of wars or persecutions in the name of homosexuality? I mean, how do you dress that up as something noble? I would have expected those who want to eliminate all opposition to homosexuality to come up with a more respectable pretext. Furthermore, I tend to think of homosexuality as a vice that mitigates against courage and fortitude. It seems unlikely that anyone who engages in this behavior would have the courage, fortitude, or discipline to carry out difficult long-term goals of any kind.

Obviously, my understanding is inadequate. The homosexual activists and their friends do possess the necessary fortitude – in spades. They have the single-minded discipline that it takes to wage a war, even a long war of attrition. They have the “courage” to be honest about their motives, no matter how shameful. I don’t know where all this tenacity is coming from. We are accustomed to reading about historical persecutions launched in the name of pagan deities, empires, nations, Islam, communism, socialism, and fascism. But homosexuality? It is difficult to imagine a motive more wicked … or more trivial.   

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