9th of April

Fungus, aphids, and peach twig borer
Had me feelin’ ornery, grouchy and sore
When I recalled two goats who are ready to kid
And the worms of which they still haven’t been rid
And there’s a whole mess o’ things I still ain’t did.

It’s the 9th of April and the garden’s not finished
I’ve planted the broccoli but forgotten the spinach
Our little red ‘tiller’s got a big oil leak
And the bearings on the plow make an awful squeak
Think I’ll head on down to Ponci’s this week.

The barn needs new panels and a fresh straw bale
Hope Buckey’s has got some lay crumble on sale
We ran out because the hens go through it real fast
When they’re stuck in the yard without a whole lot of grass
If I let ‘em roam free they won’t give us any rest.

The weeds in the orchard are deeper than sin
The hard dry ground could use a little nip o’ gin
But I’ve got to go out tomorrow and replace more emitters
They’re 59 cents each and if you think I’m bitter
Well you could be right but I’m hard to read mister.


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